Quality assurance

Kaona Ltd. has developed and introduced ISO 9001 Quality Management System to fully fulfil the requirements defined by customers. The aim of the Quality Management System is to ensure customer’s satisfaction with using and continuously correcting the system and avoiding differences. The Quality Management System is based on the principle of continuous development and applying it is a requirement for all of our colleagues.

In our production system we have created prototyping process of parts in which we can issue PPAP record of the sample according to claim. In our factory we often do the test production of new moulded and assembled products and we do the final development steps of the new parts and the matching of them into the production system, together with our customers.

The parts manufactured in production are continuously checked by the quality controlling team, we record the sizes of products in SPC minutes. We introduce correcting/preventing regulations for the possibly appeared mistakes that are recorded in an 8D report. We are trying to renew and develop our production system continuously according to LEAN principles in which we will introduce the EMS system applied by ELECTROLUX, as a result of which our processes will become more stable and faster.