Kaona Ltd. was founded for producing plastic industry products and is available for its partners. Besides one-component thermoplastic moulding, the company running for two decades has introduced two- and three-component and gas injected thermoplastic moulding. In our site near M7 highway major assembling, plastic tampon printing and ultrasonic welding capacities were installed after the millennium. We serve our clients with high quality products, on-time delivery, reliable maintenance and wide range of services.

We can serve our partners with the full capacity of 22 moulding-machines in the 2000 m2 production hall. Our production hall has crane background that significantly shortens the time needed for changing products. In the other production hall assembling activity is done where complete assembly and wrapping of parts happen. Beside the moulding plant we also have an instrument maintenance workshop where qualified colleagues do the maintenance of about 200 instruments. In the neighbourhood of the production hall there is a 1200 m2 warehouse that supplies the production and assembly lines.